Asphalt Paving

Galt’s primary expertise is in asphalt installation, repair and maintenance. Our Team is experienced in providing asphalt to new construction projects as well as performing maintenance on existing commercial and residential properties. Our focus is on providing a quality product delivered with optimal efficiency. The streamlined process we employ involves our trucks bringing the asphalt to the site, placing the asphalt into the paver, laying down the mat, and quickly rolling it. This process allows the pavement to reach full compaction with a smooth finish before the product hardens.


Asphalt Paving for Tight Spaces

Galt Development’s new Weiler P195 trench paver enables us to access tight working environments while producing the same attention to detail. It allows Galt to easily handle asphalt paving, repair, and maintenance needs in areas with low overheads, such as parking lots with awnings and other compact spaces.


New construction, repair and patching for: Curb, gutter, utility collars, chips, spalling, and cracks.

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling, also known as cold planing, is the removal of asphalt to a controlled depth. Our team can remove a layer of material as thin as ½” or as thick as 12” in a single pass making the demolition process faster. This capability allows us to restore damaged streets by “mill and fill” in which we remove the top 2.5” of asphalt and replace it with new material.

Asphalt and Concrete Cutting

Asphalt and concrete MUST BE CUT. To do that, we run multiple large walk-behind saws. While the average industry cut is only 5”, our team has the capability and the large blade equipment to reach 16” depths.