trench paver service

Galt Development’s new Weiler P195 trench paver enables us to access tight working environments while producing the same attention to detail. It allows Galt to easily handle asphalt paving, repair, and maintenance needs in areas with low overheads, such as parking lots with awnings and other compact spaces.

The P195 gives us the ability to mechanically place asphalt in trenches as narrow as 4’ and as wide as 7’. Because all governing entities require asphalt in the public right-of-way to be placed by machine, and a standard paver paves 8.5’ – 14’ wide, Galt is able to eliminate inefficiencies with the P195. With the versatility of the P195 asphalt paver, we save our customers money by utilizing less asphalt and paving less surface area in narrow or tight spaces while still getting the job done!

Trench Paver

Historically, contractors have had to produce asphalt work by hand when the job environment is too small for the standard paver. With that, there are many drawbacks, some of which are lengthier timelines, less accurate results, and inconsistent quality. Galt is able to eliminate the inefficiencies and inconsistencies of asphalt work done by hand with the new P195.

Trench Paver